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Walk In Clinic Milton

Are you feeling unwell and need to consult a doctor promptly?

TrueCare Walk-In Clinic in Milton is here to assist patients who require immediate medical attention, don't have a family doctor, or can't reach their family doctor at the moment. Appointments are typically not necessary, but we recommend calling ahead to minimize any potential wait times.
We proudly offer Walk-In services to Milton and its surrounding areas. New patients are always welcome. Both our male and female doctors are currently accepting new patients right here in Milton.
If you're in search of a dedicated family doctor in Milton who is open to accepting new patients, you've come to the right place. Our male and female family physicians are ready to provide excellent care. You can easily register with us.
Conveniently located just one block south of the Main and Thomson Road intersection, our clinic is situated at 810 Nipissing Road, Milton. You'll find us right next to Thiara Supermarket, making access to quality healthcare hassle-free.
Whether you need a Walk-In clinic or a Family doctor in Milton, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at 289-429-0350. Your health is our priority, and we're here to serve you.

Why Choose TrueCare Walk-In Clinic Milton and it’s Lab Services ?

Convenience: Open 7 days a week.

Exceptional Care, Minimal Wait Times: The dedicated team at TrueCare Walk-In Clinic Milton, is devoted to delivering outstanding care with minimal wait times. Our streamlined processes and cutting-edge technology ensure a seamless experience while upholding the highest quality of care.

Flexible Scheduling: Understanding our patients' busy schedules, we provide extended evening and weekend hours to better serve their needs.

Inclusive and Accessible Care: At TrueCare Walk-In Clinic Milton, we are committed to offering accessible healthcare for all. We welcome patients with OHIP, IFH, and non-OHIP coverage, ensuring that everyone has access to the medical services they need.

Innovative Solutions: We continually integrate the latest technological advancements and digital solutions to improve patient care, simplify processes, and enhance the overall healthcare experience.


Minor Injuries

Minor injuries can occur at any time since life is unpredictable. At TrueCare Walk-In Clinic Milton, we are aware of the suffering and worry even seemingly minor injuries may bring. Our skilled medical staff is on hand to treat your minor injuries. Whether you have a sprain, strain, cut, or bruise, you can count on us to treat you quickly and competently. We provide a comfortable and friendly setting, making sure you get the attention and care you deserve to recover quickly. Our primary goal is your wellbeing, and we're dedicated to assisting you in getting back on your feet as soon as possible. For all of your needs relating to minor injuries, come to our clinic for compassionate and effective care.


Prescription Refill

Are you out of your necessary meds? We provide hassle-free prescription refill services at our walk-in clinic and pharmacy to make sure you never forget to take a dose of your prescribed drugs. To make the process of renewing your prescriptions as simple as possible, our committed healthcare professionals are here to help. Simply get in touch with us, and we'll work with your physician to ensure a prompt refill. We are dedicated to keeping you on the path to wellness since your health and wellbeing are our top priority. To simplify your prescription renewals and advance your quest for better health, contact us today.


Flu and Cold

During the colder months, the flu and the common cold are frequently unwanted company. Our Walk In Clinic is ready to help you find relief if the flu or a cold is causing you any suffering. Our skilled medical staff can offer advice on how to manage your symptoms and, if necessary, suggest over-the-counter or prescription medications. We are committed to helping you heal because we recognize how important it is to feel your best. Never let the flu or a cold stop you. Visit us right away for professional guidance and treatments that will help you feel better quickly. We're here to give you the support and attention you require since your health is our first priority.


Sick Note / Doctor's Note

Sometimes, life's unexpected challenges require a doctor's note for various reasons, such as work, school, or travel. To assist in fulfilling these requirements, we provide Doctor's Note services at our Milton Walk In Clinic. In order to meet your specific requirements, our skilled healthcare specialists can provide you with the necessary documentation. We have you covered whether you need a note for a sick absence or a medical clearance. We are prepared to help you as soon as possible and in a courteous manner because we recognize the significance of these documents in many facets of life. If you get in touch with us, we'll make sure you get the paperwork you need to fulfill your commitments. Our top priority are your health and wellbeing, and we're committed to helping you in any way we can. Contact us right away if you need a doctor's note.


Flu Shots and Allergy Shots

We provide necessary flu shots and allergy shots at our walk-in clinic to safeguard your health and wellbeing.
Flu shots: Get your annual flu vaccine at our clinic to protect you and your loved ones against the seasonal flu. Flu shots are given by our skilled medical professionals to help you remain healthy and lower your risk of complications from the flu.
Allergy Shots: Our clinic is here to offer treatment from allergies, which can interfere with your regular activities. We provide allergy shots, commonly referred to as immunotherapy, to help your body become less sensitive to typical allergens. You will experience long-lasting relief from your allergy symptoms thanks to this treatment.
Flu and allergy vaccinations are given by our qualified professionals in a safe, efficient manner. To keep you feeling your best all year long, we place a high priority on your health and provide these services.
Call us right away to arrange your flu vaccination or to talk about your alternatives for allergy shots. Our top objectives are your comfort and health, and we're here to help you have a healthy, allergy-free life.


Basic Hearing Test

Is hearing loss effecting your quality of life? To accurately evaluate your hearing abilities, our clinic offers Basic Hearing Test services. Our physician and medical professionals can assess your hearing and find any potential problems.
We'll assess your hearing sensitivity, capacity for hearing various tones, and speech comprehension during the test. Our Basic Hearing Test is an important first step whether you have hearing loss or are just interested in keeping an eye on your hearing health.
Effective treatment of hearing impairments depends on early detection. If the outcomes point to the need for additional testing or hearing aids, we'll walk you through the process and advice and refer to a specialist if required. We are committed to assisting you in maintaining excellent hearing health because we value your hearing health. If you feel any difficulty in hearing make an appointment for your Basic Hearing Test right away to get started on the path to better hearing.

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