Update OHIP Information

Update OHIP Information

Please use the following form to notify us of your updated OHIP information every time it changes, including every time you renew your OHIP card or alternatively call us at 289-429-0350. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Health does not transmit this information directly to us, so we will not be made aware of this information until you notify us.
Once you have renewed your OHIP card, please use your new OHIP information in the "Patient OHIP #" field whenever you book appointments with your doctor online; if you experience errors with online appointment booking once your OHIP information has changed, please contact info@truecaremed.ca.

Health number and version code

Here is how to find your health number and version code on your OHIP Card. The 10 digits (e.g. 5584-486-674) is your health number; the two characters (e.g. YM) is your version code.

Source: Health Card Validation Reference Manual - Ontario


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