New Patient Registration

New Patient Registration Process


If you'd like to register or transfer to TrueCare Medical Centre, Milton please fill out our online registration forms by clicking the button at the bottom of the page or give us a call at 289-429-0350 and one of your team members will be happy to assist you.

What happens next?

We'll validate your OHIP information that you provided. Once completed, we will invite to schedule a new patient intake appointment.

What are the Timelines?

Your health is a priority for us. We will like to accommodate you as soon as possible so you are not left without a physician for a long.

When do I become a patient?

Completing the forms is the first step to become a patient. Once completed one of our staff members will reach you to schedule an appointment with one of our family physicians.

Can I have multiple family doctors?

No. If you currently have a family doctor, please register with us only if you intend to transfer your medical care from your current family doctor (i.e. leave your current family doctor). Otherwise we will be happy to assist you through our walk-in services.

Can I meet with multiple doctors?

No. Kindly note that it is not an option to switch between doctors after you have sign up with a particular family doctor. However, if your family doctor is not available due to emergency during your scheduled appointment you may reschedule your appointment or see the available doctor.

Can I register if I live far away from the clinic?

We encourage patients to make informed decisions about their ongoing care (However we do not put a distance limit on potential patients).

Health care connect assigned me to a physician, do I still need to register?

Yes, even in this situation, please complete the normal process of registering via clicking on the button below or call us at 289-429-0350 and one of our team members will be happy to assist you. HCC is only referring you to a potentially available doctor, but physicians/clinics are still responsible for processing and accepting patients based on their policies as availability is constantly changing.

Can I register for my Spouse/partner or family?

Yes. Kindly complete this form in its entirety for each individual.

Can I only register my child?

Yes, you can. However, our preference is that at least one parent or guardian is enrolled as a patient as well. Please fill out a separate form if you decide to start the registration process for yourself as well.

I think I registered previously, but I’m not sure what happened. Should I register again?

Please give us a call at 289-429-0350 and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

I used to be a patient, but left. Should I register again?

Please give us a call at 289-429-0350 and provide your OHIP number and we’ll try to figure things out for you.

Opening Hours

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